Friday, January 09, 2009

Supreme - 10 Years of Decks

Yea I'm somewhat tight about my most recent Supreme experience and I probably won't be giving them my money any time soon BUT I can see past that and still respect the history and art behind their now 10 years of skateboard deck history.

OG Supreme logo decks circa 1998

Supreme Pantone by Ryan McGuiness circa 2000

Supreme Larry Clark Decks circa 2005, Supreme Public Enemy Decks '06, Supreme Jeff Konns Decks '06

Supreme Kaws Decks circa 2001, Supreme Bandana Decks '01

Supreme Richard Prince Decks circa 2007, Supreme Andrei Molodkin Decks '04

Supreme Logo Stained Wook Decks circa 2008, Supreme Futura Decks

Mr. for Supreme Decks circa 2007, Takashi Murakami for Supreme Decks '07

Supreme Last Supper Decks circa 2002

Supreme Dan Colen Decks circa 2003

Supreme Marilyn Minter Decks circa 2008, Supreme Sean Cliver Decks '08

Supreme Kermit Decks circa 2008, Supreme LV Monogram Decks '00 (got recalled after 2 weeks due to a lawsuit)

The ever classic Supreme Logo Deck

Pretty amazing to look back and see the names and the talent that have produced really unique skate decks for Supreme over these past 10 years. Especially cool knowing that some of these go for thousands of dollars now not as skateboards but as art, which shows just how far street art and culture has come from a small niche and evolved into something that artists, designers, and most importantly the fans of it all take very seriously. So we owe a lot to the Supremes, Bapes, Kaws, Futuras, and other OG brands and artists that lead us here no matter how much they change over time.



via jakedavis & supreme

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