Thursday, January 22, 2009

Faces in the Crowd: DC

The entire Inauguration day it was just way too crowded, cold, and busy to even think about asking someone to do a Faces in the Crowd, but fortunately on our subway ride out we ran into Michael, who agreed to help us out.

(it was hard to get a full body shot in the train)

Name: Michael
Age: 18
From: New Jersey
Occupation: GW Student
Favorite Brand: Ralph Lauren Rugby
Wearing: Marc Jacobs shades, Rugby scarf, Helley Hansen jacket, James Peirce hoody, J. Crew corduroy pants, Nike SB Ferris Bueller Dunks, and his roomates waterpolo backpack
What do you want to see Obama change?: "Legalize marijuana and don't socialize medicine"


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