Thursday, January 08, 2009

Adventures In NYC: Day n' Night

If you aren't from the northeast US, let me just catch you up by saying it's been cold... really cold. Then the other night we got hit with freezing rain and ice which just made everything a mess, and this is what I woke up to....

Yea that's my car absolutely coated with a solid sheet of ice. Even the antenna.
The ice was like 1/4" inch thick, took forever to get out.
Anyways headed into the city for the Supreme warehouse sale where there was a pretty solid line considering I got there fashionably late.
But after hours of waiting in the freezing rain one employee decided to fuck everyone over, close the doors, and start making some side cash by charging $20 a head just to get in. Fuckery indeed. So that had me tight and I left empty handed, but did meet some cool people in line like Kerok from Kerok Kickz in Brooklyn. Whattup!

After a shitty day, the night was good though. Met up with Meezy, his cousin Omari and our good pal Jane for some wine, hookah, beer, and fries.
Yes we talked by candle (and blackberry) light.

Then had some Pommes Frites (aka fancy french fries and sauce) which were quite good.

So damn right I like the day n night I had cause I went from negative to positive and its allllll ......

and if ya don't know, know ya know


1 comment:

  1. the more i hear about supreme line ups, for more it makes me not want to give them any of my money.

    at least NYC line ups anyway, the ones here in Japan are the same as any other lol

    i surprised that guy didnt get beat the hell up, i know i would have been tempted to at least start a riot

    i guess thats what happens though when 90% of the ppl there are kids that have skipped school



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