Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Faces in the Crowd: Mong Kok

1st let me apologize for the Faces in the Crowd hiatus due to a broken computer and the scare of some lost pictures. But now that I have no excuses, )and because we started getting nasty emails and tweets from fans demanding that this section return asap) lets start it up again with Cathleen and Cy who we met in line for milk teas in Hong Kong.

Names: Cathleen & Cy
Age: 17
Job: Students
Favorite Brands: Cathleen - 2 percent; Cy - Undercover
Wearing: Cathleen - Clothes from Mong Kok shops, Fanning Bag, Converse sneakers
Cy - Uniqlo Sweater, Undercover tee, Uniqlo jeans, Vans sneakers, Porter bag
If you could be anywhere drinking your milk tea right now, where would it be?: TST or Causeway

Yea guess they just love Hong Kong, since they just wouldn't go very far with those milk teas. But these girls were really cool cause it took a while to get this done in a very crowded corner between the milk tea place and another place that sells a bunch of food that would probably scare most of you. So thanks again!

We should have one more Faces in the Crowd from Hong Kong and then it's on to .... sighhh ... Syracuse where we might just start Faces in the Crowd-ing ourselves to keep it interesting.


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