Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bape Hong Kong - Secret New Years Gift Bag

The Bape Store in Hong Kong is celebrating Chinese New Years by releasing a very special and secretive gift bag for the occasion.

The bag is so secret that only Nigo himself knows what's in store for the customers! Well that might be a lie, but you get the idea. People will be blindly paying almost $300US for this bag that contains an unknown set of contents.

It's an awkward price that might contain just one hoody, or a tee, hat, accessory combo, or crew neck & hat combo ... WHO KNOWS?? Could be anything, and the scary thing with Bape is that it could also look like anything. But they're usually good about special items so I'm particularly excited to see whats in that pricey little bag.

Available exclusively at Bape Hong Kong (only store in China) starting on Jan. 26th, the beginning of Chinese New Years.


via HB

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