Friday, January 30, 2009

Heaven's Door x NBHD

The 7th of February will see the launch of Heavens Door, a new movie starring Nagase Tomoya and Mayuko Fukuda.

The film (a remake of a 1997 German film) see's Nagase being diagnosed with cancer at aged 28. Whilst in Hospital he meets the young Mayuko, in a similar situation, and they strike up a friendship.

During one night of desperation to do something before they both die, they steal a sports car and head for the sea for one last time, not knowing the car belongs to some local gangsters.

And so the chase begins.

To celebrate the launch of the movie, NBHD will be releasing a collaboration T-shirt at its stores and via the Honeyee web store

Nagase has a long history with NBHD and has often appears in magazines and on TV wearing their clothes, and this is a thank you from them to him for his support throughout the years

Knockin' on Heaven's Door, originally made by Bob Dylan, is one of the most important and influential songs of Nagase Tomoya and along with this film he has recorded his own version of the song

Nagase is lead singer of the very popular Japanese band, Tokio (one of my favorite groups)

Official Movie web site


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