Monday, January 12, 2009

Teriyaki Boyz - Serious Japanese Album Cover

On 1st look, the new Teriyaki Boyz Serious Japanese album cover looks to be a sea of photoshopped men completely 'Baped out' with full zipped shark parkas on.

But with some behind the scenes pics we can see that it's not PS at all, Nigo actually produced a whole mess of vinyl Teriyaki Boyz to add some authenticity to the shoot.
(Yes I'm just as shocked as you that Nigo still has hair)

Sure it would have been cooler with REAL people in fully zipped sharks but this is a pretty interesting alternative, which might result in new Bape toys available to us soon? Guess we'll wait and see what the album has in store.

Check out the revamped Teriyaki Boyz site here
Watch the video for the single Work That ft Pharrell & Chris Brown, here.
Lastly, look for the album Serious Japanese on 1.28.2009


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