Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visvim Subsection Room Candle and Spray

If you have ever been to an FIL store in Hong Kong or Japan you know the power of their scents, or more specifically the No.1/ FIL scent of the giant room candle that they have burning in the corner. Well if you haven't, it's a pretty amazing scent that kept me coming back to the store again and again just to get a whiff (and to check out the indoor little garden that they have). So I'm sure that this new scent No.6/ Chocolate is just as enticing.

Sure pictures of candles and scents are kinda pointless since you can't get the full aromatic experience, but hey at least you know what to look for now right? Plus Visvim packaging is always amazing, especially the glass beakers for the room scents.

Visvim scents (FIL, amber, grass, newborn, chocolate) are each individually created by super upscale French perfumeur Blaise Mautin .

All scents in the spray and the FIL scent in the room candle are available at select Visvim accounts, and assuming soon at honeyee


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