Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bape x Toys McCoy - Aviator Jacket

Bape has teamed up with Toys McCoy, a Japanese vintage brand, for this WW2 aviator jacket...

Toys McCoy is well known for their top quality reproduction of classic American clothing, so they were clearly an obvious choice for this jacket. The military bomber features a heavy olive canvas shell, thick wool lining with hints of Bape camo, fur collar, and leather patches on the chest that read "Beneath, Escape, Conquest, Battle". Especially considering the quality and subtlety, this would make for a perfect Winter jacket, although it will hurt your wallet.

Available very soon at Bape locations worldwide.



  1. レイバン サングラスの愛用する芸能人、もう一人発見!関ジャニ∞の、あのタレ目でセクシな錦戸亮さんが多数レイバン モデルがお持ちらしい。この前までやってた「パパドル」というドラマで、錦戸亮さんがレイバン clubmasterを頻繁にかけていて、ヒットすること、間違いなし!



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