Thursday, September 23, 2010

TravelTeq - "Trip" The World's Greatest Carry-On Bag

Already in love with their 1st product, The Trash travel bag, I was really excited to hear about a new project TravelTeq had to create the world's greatest carry-on bag. Sounds like quite a statement to make, but when a bag can also function as a chair, sound system, and charger, all while being able to fit in an overhead compartment, that's a statement you're allowed make.

With a super minimal look, this bag doesn't look like it would have any frills, but as you can see, outside of the main luggage compartment there is another pocket that can fit all of the travel necessities. And by just snapping on the seat top and pulling out the wheels which are supported by aluminum bars, this bag easily turns into a chair. Genius, especially thinking of the tons of train/ subway/ plane terminals and stations that have lines that last forever and no seats to be found. Then there is finally the option to add a sound system (with AC power to charge phones) which is integrated into the bag.

More companies need to invest in amazing industrial designers and realize that you should give people what they don't even realize they need. TravelTeq is doing things right and not letting people settle for what they're used to. Love the inovation and ergonomics of their work.

Shop TravelTeq right through their online shop.

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