Sunday, September 19, 2010

Store Profile: FuckFake (Seoul)

In a city that is just starting to make moves in the street fashion scene it can be very difficult to find the most sought after items and brands, which in turn leads to replica knock offs being ignorantly bought and sold off of the street. FuckFake is a store that... well, basically says "Fuck that!", and brings authentic goods from overseas brands to those who really know what's what.

(they didn't want picture taking inside due to some work, but the front sign-age is pretty epic)

FuckFake carries a rather broad range of apparel, footwear and accessories, with some of the more prevalent brands in the store being Supreme, WeSC, Nike, Stussy, Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, Obey, and their very own lines Rayogram (tees) and Saga (bags). And most surprisingly of all, the stuff is all really fairly priced for a reseller spot.

Stores like this might be a dime a dozen in places like Tokyo, but in Seoul it's really next to impossible to find some of these brands. So I definitely suggest checking it out.

FuckFake (Seoul)
358-112 Seogyo (top of the small hill, 3rd Floor)


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  1. oh and absolutely no treatment to the picture, kinda wanted it to be pic of the day, oh well



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