Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Artist Profile - Li Wei

Beijing bred artist Li Wei has been mesmerizing people for years with his mix of photography, performance art, and good ole smoke and mirrors. And by photography, I really mean true photography, aka no Photoshop was used to aid these ridiculous results...

While we don't know EXACTLY what goes into these pictures, Li Wei has said that it takes lots of mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatic ability. And even admits that some of his works were actually pretty damn dangerous to perform, which is why he is the subject of many of his own works. Not too shabby for someone with a Masters Degree in oil painting, eh?

Check a bunch more of Li Wei's work here.

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via fubiz


  1. his work is sick, I wonder how he does it.


  2. This is my fave artist profile yet. SO AMAZING



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