Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nike Zvezdochka LAF (21 Mercer Exclusive)

21 Mercer gave word that Nike is coming out with two new colorways of their very eccentric Zvezdochka LAF model that will be exclisive to the downtown NYC location...

Neutral Grey/ Mahogany & Neutral Grey / Aegean Blue

Usually shoes this out-there are right up my alley but I can't say that I would use these for much more than a conversation piece. Too reminiscent of Crocs maybe? Although surely more comfortable with that built in sock lining. I actually always thought the Zvezdochka LAF was a special biking shoe since I've only ever seen the Livestrong ones from last year, but with this release at 21 Mercer I'm not too positive anymore.

Just released at 21 Mercer.


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