Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bape Summer '08 Releases

Bape's summer products are finally hitting shelves, and as always with the the Japanese line it's a huge hit or miss piece by piece.

Here are just a few pics ...

The patchwork button down is well...scary. Mixing patterns, colors and fabrics, and pockets that just shouldn't be together. It's so ugly that I want it.
The tees look solid as always, classic Bape designs and graphics.
Low top 88s are introduced, which look just as nice as the highs with another nice long tongue.
A surprising collaboration with the MLB and New Era brings some Yankee and Dodger fitteds in full camo colors.
There is a huge Teryaki Boyz collab this season with tees, hats, and the glasses shows, which also come in white.
Oh and lets not forget the Bape water shoes. Gotta stay fly at the beach!

Most of the new stuff released on the 1st in Japan so be on the look out any day now for it to drop in NY, LA, London shops.
To buy or check out even more of the collection check Cliffedge.


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