Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Die

I present .... the death ....... of the cool....

So I got to go out on my friends boat today, which was cool right up until the end. But after we got back I was on the dock, on my phone, missed a step, and all of a sudden .....splash

Damn Crooks shirt is blood stained and my whole fit got the salt water treatment, but luckily somehow in the 1/2 second I was airborn I had the sense to toss my phone and LV shades to a dryer place. Whew.
Gunna be sore this weekend fa sure. Scraped up good.

Stay safe people and remember there's a heaven for a G.



  1. Just admit that some pussy ass fish jumped up and bit you. You done made the whole Earth cry with that blood stained Crooks. Right now, after the Sonics leaving Seattle, that bloody shirt makes me cry the most.

  2. sorry to hear about ur accident falling off your friends BOAT, but glad u were able to save ur PHONE and L FUCKING V SHADES. question tho, was ur butler there to break ur fall? lol jk, feel better kid.



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