Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals - Round 2, Fall 2009

With the great success of the 1st Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, and just the whole Adidas Originals collaborative series as a whole, there will be another round of Jeremy Scott designed footwear for the upcoming Fall 2009 season.

This 1st 3 tongued shoe is amazing! For those people who love to rock the obnoxious tongues on sneakers well now you have 3 on one shoe. I need this to drop sometime in the summer to get the full effect of the highlighter neon color. Must have.

Then we see the inverse basically of the white and gold JS Wings with black and silver versions. Have to say I much prefer the gold and white pairs but the brushed silver ain't too shabby.

Then an interesting sneaker with a tongue that wraps all the way down the front of the shoe and features a strap underneath. I'd like to see more of this to understand everything that's going on here.

Then a little teaser of a crazy patterned shoe.

Set for the Fall '09 collection these should be dropping sometime in the latter half of Summer. Check your local Adidas Originals store for more info.


via tsg


  1. how do you buy these shoes? xxx and how much are they?x

  2. Adidas Originals stores, they are in a few major cities around the country. Between $150-250 depending on the shoe



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