Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maharishi Spring/ Summer 2009

Maharishi's spring/ summer 2009 line has just started to trickle into accounts, and as always it is looking quite good.

Sticking with the military look, Maharishi makes a simple and earthy color pallet look great by offering some nice fine details, patches, and hints of brightness. I'm loving the HOPE button down and the zip up sneaker especially, but overall the line is simple and really well done.

Not quite as easy to find as MHI by Maharishi, the Maharishi s/s line is shipping into stores now, so check your local account if you are lucky enough to have one. If all else fails, Standard in the ATL does take phone orders.


via glltn


  1. Okay. So that shoe really looks like Greedy Genius's Cool Breeze or something. But i want it in my life.



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