Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shawnimals - Forest Spirit Wee Ninja

Shawnimals and Noon Solar have teamed up to produce a 100% organic, sustainable, and handmade Forest Spirit Wee Ninja in celebration of Earth Day 2009. Each and every component that went into the making of this all-new plush was chosen with the environment in mind.

This all natural tree hugging Forest Spirit ninja will be available on April 22nd, Earth Day, and is limited to only 100 peices.

I've posted Shawnimals stuff plenty on here and if you still don't get them by now, I'm sad. They've created an awesome brand as well as an entire world of characters will entire back stories, and I love it.

I've never heard of Noon Solar before seeing this but looking at their site they actually make solar power bags where you can charge your phone or iPod right inside. Handy and innovative I must say.


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