Friday, April 03, 2009

Swagger x Nike Terminator Hi

In Japanese brand Swagger's new Swagger Mag Vol. 1, they have released some pictures of a very unique mismatching Nike Terminator collaboration.

Modeled by Lupe Fiasco in the magazine, from what I've gathered the sneakers are a mismatching pair, one turquoise and the other brown. They are snakeskin patent leather, have a huge extended tongue, come in similar packaging to a box of chocolates, and feature one HUGE lace lock up the entire lacing. (Look closely at the turquoise pair, the lace lock reads "SWG" up the shoe)

I'm sure better images will be available soon enough as well as release info on these crazy sneakers.


via HS


  1. Maybe I'm just old but who the HECK is going to wear two totally different shoes? Punky Brewster maybe... but come ON, this is horrible.

  2. thank u jennifer but they are weird



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