Monday, April 13, 2009

Hype Means Nothing - Finger Glasses Tees

New label Hype Means Nothing is making some noise with its very 1st round of tee shirts which feature various celebrities making glasses with their fingers.

The full concept behind the shirts can be read below, but each has a celebrity making glasses with their fingers and in the bottom right has a description of the "glasses" and their price. there is also their cockroach logo on the front chest and bottom of the back with some very interesting stitching in the rear as well. Each shirt comes in black, white, and grey.

While these are the only ones up for sale at the moment, the collection also includes Jay-Z, Obama, Brittany Spears, Lil Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Travis Barker, Brad Pitt, Playmobil, and Will Smith.


"Populating now your wardrobes like insects invading houses, the cockroach branded label doesn't have in mind to stop its invasion, even soon.

Hype Means Nothing and its first collection, a label in total opposition with its favourite playground since it uses "caricatures" to criticize all these people aiming at being actively involved in the Hype culture.

All these "wanna be", "wanna look like", wearing goggles to be hype....have now been made obsolete since the only thing needed now is a picture of an idol, wearing these so wanted goggles mimed with the hands, and wear it proudly.
This is the result that you get from a deep understanding of this trend among friends and contacts involved in the fashion business that these young designers decided to bring to life, as a first step, everybody's wish from simple designs AND higher quality materials that could be worn anywhere, anytime, no matter what the style is.

So, it's literally by focusing on these 2 key points that these 2 artists have decided to extend the panoplie and to develop other products. Your turn now ... make a wish...!
(So ... what are you dreaming of?)"

You can grab these HMN through colette.


via streetthing

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