Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moncler M-65 Sweat Jacket

We've seen high end Italian outerwear brand Moncler make quite the impact as a fashionable, staple Winter jacket over the past few years in the fashion world. Well now the brand that has been around since the 50's is expanding to make a really nice Spring M-65 sweat jacket.

Not much to say past what you can see here, the jacket is simple and really looks great.

The 100% cotton Moncler M-65 Sweat Jacket is available now on Colette.

via HS


  1. Buy this and you won't have to want for pockets, that's for sure.

    You could carry 4 packs of cigs with ya all at once!

  2. There comes the wintter,we provide moncler jackets for kids to help your children to keep warm,as we known, the children is not so strong as adults!

  3. Winter is so cold, only moncler jackets can keep warm , we provide you warm monclers for people all ages and cheap price.



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