Friday, April 24, 2009

Introducing: The Fresh Fiends - Killer Heels

I was just put onto the Fresh Fiends the other day and a really nice conceptual photo shoot that they put together. The shoot, Killer Heels, is epic story telling through some grim imagery with heels of course acting as weapons of all sorts.

The sharp shoe shooter.

Beauty kills.

Strapped with heels on a suicide mission.

Eat your heart out.

"In an industry where females are pitted against each other for pure entertainment value, founders Lady La and Miss.Summer created a sisterHOOD: a conscious collective of street savvy ideas, infallible style, and a keen sense of FEMALE FEROCITY. Each of them embracing their individuality, the girls are sheer magnetic polarity. Opposites couldn’t be MORE attractive. Always classy, never ashy. The Fresh Fiends."

See the entire photo shoot here, shot by Andy Hartmark



  1. If I'm not mistaken, a few of those heels are Christian Louboutin's... HOT HOT HOT!

  2. Ohhh I love this post! This is haawwt. I was gonna blog about this, but I wasn't too sure. -_- Good stuff though! =]

  3. Thanks for the love you guys!! Cool blog!! Keep in touch. xoxo

  4. thanks for the love homies!! getting stabbed in the heart was not an easy task haha!

    whats up YOM! Thanks Jon!

  5. thanks for the love! Getting stabbed in the heart was not an easy task but def worth it haha!

    Whats Up YOM, Thanks Jon!

  6. lol i just realised that was u Jon haha, nice shoot man, id love to be able to set up and shoot stuff like that.

    one day :D



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