Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Bathing Ape "Pirate Store" Opens in Karuizawa

Bape has just opened a new pop-up "Pirate Store" in Karuizawa, Japan.

Going all out (as Bape always does) they transformed a small retail space into what looks like the inside of a pirate ship straight off of a movie set. Really well done.

You can see that Nigo is putting those life size shark wearing Teriyaki Boyz models to use in a good way. (They are supposed to be like real sharks, get it? outside in the water and then hung upside down by the treasure.... clever)

The store is empty in the pics but has officially opened as a temporary Bape store, bringing some special products along with it.
The Ape Pirate Tee and Bape Treasure Bag are both exclusive to the store as well as Bape Card members.

So if you are lucky enough to be touring the countryside of Japan in the near future, definitely check out the Bape Pirate store, looks quite amazing.
Sure does make that Kidrobot Pirate Store look like doo doo for using aluminum foil. (I joke though. That store was for other reasons)


via Nigo and Bape

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