Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Hundreds Bomb (Not Toys, Real Explosives!)

After The Hundreds amazing April fools joke last year, which had every internet forum and blog going crazy for the day and even a few Hundreds die hards in tears, I won't be suprized a bit if this is another joke. BUT apparently The Hundreds will be coming out with a Bomb today. No not that cute Adam Bomb, an actual explosive.

As you can see these bombs are illegal is many states and you must be 25 or older to purchase. So they will only be available at The Hundreds LA & SF locations today in a very limited quantity.

If these things are real, I think it's a really cool and unique to put out on April fools and I'm glad that there is the 25+ restriction. Cause when I first saw this all I could think was high schools and lawsuits. If it's not real, then once again, nice April fools joke guys.


via ctothejl

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