Friday, April 10, 2009

Crows Zero 2 x MMJ Launched

As exclusively reported here, and then followed up here, the release of the new Crows Zero 2 movie (yes thats CROWS Zero 2) will be supported by a collaboration between Theater8 and MMJ.

Well, with film being released here tomorrow in Japan, SwaggerDap gives you the first look at the final collection.

As mentioned in my previous post, the release consists of a Jacket, T-shirts, sunglasses, bracelet, wallet, cargo pants, boots and belt, in fact an entire outfit to wear, as shown in the illustration below. drawn by Hiroshi Takahashi, the Manga-ka for the original Crows manga series.

No prices yet, but the items will be available in nearly 40 different shops around Japan.

Theater8 have also released a separate t-shirt, modelled here by the legend that is Oguri Shun who plays the main protagonist, Genji, in the Crows Zero movies!

This T-shirt is available from the same retailers



  1. im staying at malaysia...
    how can i buy the genji t-shirt???
    this is my email.. m_arif_red@yahoo.com.my
    help me plssss

  2. hello there...do u know what is the brand or model of sunglass that shun izaki wears in cz2???its soooo farkin cool...if u know the answer..e-mail me at afiqzahari88@gmail.com..thx a lot..

  3. hi...im from malaysia..how can i buy suzuran jacket...email me at firdaus_ferdie@yahoo.com.my...help me...



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