Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Welcome to SwaggerDap: Joan

In an effort to reach as wide a fan base as possible and please the many female readers that we already have, SwaggerDap has decided to reach out for a lady's voice on the blog....

With that said, this is Joan! our new blogger hailing all the way from the Bay area in California. Joan fits right in and is also obsessed with fashion, kicks, and everything hella cool. (Oh and in case you don't understand "hella" it basically means "very" and it's a Bay thing so get used to it!)

So please welcome Joan, soon she will be bringing some more female geared content along with that Bay area swag to the blog. Stay tuned.

She is also has a blog and is on Twitter as @hellzajoan .



  1. Yes finally a female blogger, and one I already love at that.

  2. Welcome, Joan! Look forward to reading what you have to offer!

  3. joaannnnnn sheeess my girrrlll!!! i have hella faith in you that youll give the swaggerdap female readers what they want:]

  4. Whoo hoo! A girl blogger!

    Girls rule, boys drool.
    Boys suck throw rocks at them.

    And all that juvenile stuff...

    But serioulsy, welcome Joan! Look forward to your posts.

  5. JOAN IS GREAT! you guys will LOVE her!! but not as much as me :]

    JOAN: giiit it giirl




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