Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kanye & Crew on Southpark: They Love Fishsticks

In last night's episode of South Park, Kanye and company ... well mostly just Kanye I guess, was the main joke of the entire show.

Taking STRAIGHT from the outfits from fashion week in Paris not to long ago, these characters were drawn pretty damn close to exact. Not much questioning who is who as (left to right) Taz Arnold, Fonsworth Bentley, Kanye West, Don C, and Chris Julian all appear in the episode as one bad-ass posse.

If you just want to watch the episode and hear nothing more, Watch Here (via miss info).

If you don't have 22 minutes to spare, the episode revolves around the joke "Do you like fishdicks (fishsticks)? ... Do you like to put fishdicks in your mouth? .... Then you're a gay fish!" ... a joke which in the episode Kanye just doesn't get and really wants to understand how that makes him a gay fish. He later kills Carlos Mencia and goes after Cartman and Jimmy, only to later accept that he may just be a gay fish and should accept it (as you can see in the last screen shot).

South Park, funny as always. Thanks to Miss Info Tv for the streaming episode.


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