Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SNEAKER TOKYO : The Past, Present and Future of Sneaker Culture in Tokyo

March 2004


Issue 1 of "SHOES MASTER" is published

Fast forward to 2009 and to celebrate the 5th Anniversary and their 10th Issue (SHOES MASTER is published twice a year) they have released a compilation book, containing the best and most talked about articles and interviews from the previous SHOES MASTER magazines.

Interviews with Hiroshi Fujiwara (Fragment), Hiroaki Shitano (Whiz), Shigeyuki Kunii (mita) and others are included, as well as features on many brands such as adidas, Converse, Reebok and VANS about what the future holds for the sneaker market.

The major bonus with the book is that it is in Japanese AND English, so sneaker heads from all over the world can enjoy it.

The book finishes with a list of the best and hottest Tokyo Sneaker stores, with a map to help you find them the next time you are in Tokyo.

Here are some scans from the book.

I will type up a transcript of the interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara later this week.




  1. Nice sneakers collection ! Thanks...

  2. wow, i need to get my hands on that if its actually in english

  3. I can hooks u up my friend :D

  4. Nice, How much will it be to shipped to US? Thanks

  5. hey YOM this is Jonathan Anjin, are you on twitter



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