Friday, March 27, 2009

W-Taps x Bape take the next step

Tetsu Nishiyama, head designer behind the W-Taps brand has announced that he will be lead designer the core line with A Bathing Ape!

There is nothing I really cannot show yet
but from next season I will be chief designer
for the core line of A BATHING APE®
so look forward to it.

W-Taps have been collaborating with Bape for a while now, regularly producing T-shirts for the Nigo's Favourite Shop (NFS) section of Bape.

This announcement is huge though and leads me to believe that Tet will be not only designing W-Taps collab items but also the standard A Bathing Ape range as well? One wonders what Nigo has planned for himself next season?

This can only be good news for Bape as W-Taps with Tet are one of the few streetwear brands at the moment that are consistently putting out good gear.

Im really interested to see what they will do with the denim, as I feel this is A Bathing Apes weakest area.

Via Tet


1 comment:

  1. wow, especially if he will be designing the cut & sewn and denim this will be amazing



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