Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adventures in Montreal - Bonjour

After one hell of a drive up through NY state, getting lost, and almost dying at a gas station and a truck stop, we finally made it to the land of maple, Montreal, Canada.

Almost didn't make it through the border cause our smart-assness was close to kicking in.

Next morning we had to live out of the car to change shoes and go.

Then, I can't lie we just started drinking early.

All you need in this world.

In Canada so I had to bring the Goodfoot scarf. Eh?

Old Montreal is quite nice.

Then to end an early drunked night it was off to grab some Canadian McDonalds. Can I just say though that Montreal McDonalds > Toronto McDonalds. Plus the McDonalds in MTRL have power outlets on the ceilings which is just confusing and awesome.

We got a little reckless a little to early and ended up PASSING OUT after only like 3 bars but it was still fun. Tonight will be better though, hopefully we can meet up with the man Marcus Troy and really see this place.



1 comment:

  1. Haa looks like fun, hopefully you did some money exchange at the border local shops charge a hefty fee.... BTW make sure to visit Off The Hook
    take lots of photos as we'll be on the check in!



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