Thursday, March 12, 2009

New SwaggerDap Cards!

New year, new identity, new promo cards for SwaggerDap.

Got this strange looking package in the mail last week, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared to open it. BUT, it wasn't ticking plus it was addressed from my mom so I figured it was all good.

Inside we were graced with the new SwaggerDap business and promo cards, which may I just say look great.
The off-white card is the general promo card, which if we see you on the street one day, will be handed to you. There are 2 silhouettes used (which if you haven't noticed are also the new watermarks) and a simple "SwaggerDap.com, Come Through ..." on the back.
The black card is the more business tailored card with our personal info and it features the new Heart, Mind, and Wallet logo on the front, with our info on the back. Heart, Mind, and Wallet is and has been an essential philosophy of SwaggerDap since day one so it seemed best to showcase it somehow. You can read more on the meaning here in our mission.

So if you are in NYC, Syracuse, Montreal, Boston, Japan, hell maybe even Hong Kong and Korea, you might be be handed one of these on any given day.

The great designs are from up and coming designer Miss Chhorvy Ly, be sure to check our her work.

Ok, time to make this drive to the frigid lands of Montreal, be back soon.



  1. why the fuck didnt mines get a close up?!

    You's a hater yo.


  2. u gonna send some my way? i can hand them out at bape line ups :D

  3. Word... I'll definitely get you some soon.

    If you wanna try and find a silhouette of yourself we might be able to make different ones next time we make em



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