Friday, March 13, 2009

Syracuse Wins in 6OTs

As much as I love sports, I've always kept this blog away from them and stuck to the fashion and culture aspect of things. However last night my school was involved in a game for the history books and I just need to take a quick post to recognize and congratulate them on the victory.

For anyone who hasn't heard or if the sport isn't relevant in your country, #20 ranked Syracuse University (which both Meezy and I are about to graduate from) beat their top rival the #4 ranked University of Connecticut last night in the worlds most famous Madison Square Garden. The game went an unprecedented 6 overtimes, which basically means they almost played 2 whole games for the time span. With only one game that was longer, this is the last 6OT game since the 1950's.

Amazingly enough, Syracuse didn't have the lead once for the entire 1st through 5th OTs but was able to pull away strong in the 6th and come away with a 127-117 win.

So congrats to Johnny Flynn, Paul Harris, Andy Rautins, Eric Devendorf, Justin 'JT' Thomas and the entire SU squad on the amazing victory, the entire University is behind you!

For more info on the game and some highlights head right here on ESPN.

Ok, now back to the topic at hand .....


pics via ESPN

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  1. seriously, this was the best game i've ever seen. i'm a huskie fan, but i have to give it to SU. if you're not a night owl, then you missed out



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