Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dee and Ricky - New Season & New Website

After massive amounts of press and hype over the past year or so, twins Dee and Ricky have finally released a new season of Lego accessories for the masses, along with a shiny new website to present them on.

There is a full line of new colorways in the heart brooch.

There are also a bunch of new barrettes, hair bands, and belt buckles in various shapes.

Kinda crazy how much they are cashing in on their creative Lego creations. I remember I was one click away from buying one of the original heart brooches over a year ago for like $25US. Then in Hong Kong I saw them at Silly Thing for $65US. Now they are a whopping $100US off of their own site and Karmaloop (yea I was shocked to see em on there too). I guess co-signs from Kanye, Marc Jacobs, Murakami, and about every fashion mag out will get you those prices though.

Buy Dee and Ricky accessories here!


via hypebeast


  1. Damn I wish the prices hadn't gone up so high...I really wanted one of those barettes.

  2. I wish I would've known... I could've seen about getting something for you guys... those are my boyfriend's people :)

    BTW, loving the blog... MEEZY I STILL LUV U!! LOL


  3. woah woah.... lets save the meezy fan mail for another daym i can give u his address .. haha jk

    and hook us up! lol



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