Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Parra Plays" Free iPhone App

Parra, Incase, and Arktip, already having joined forces for the Parra x Incase project, now have come out with an awesome iPhone app called Parra Plays.

The app consists of 3 games, each as addicting and and simple as the next. Poppers is similar to the Bubble Wrap app where you have to keep tapping the highlighted images as they appear, and as it get faster it gets harder to keep up. Parrot is basically that little electronic Simon game with 4 buttons that we have all played. The object it to keep up with the pattern as it gets more and more complicated and fast. Lastly Pairs is the game of memory where you have to match up matching cards.

The games are all very simple but the design, presentation, colors, and sounds are so on point that they become a go to game when you want to pass some time.

Read more about the app here. Or just go and grab it for free from the iPhone app store here


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