Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes vs. A Syracuse Sorority Ripoff

As mentioned in my previous post about the Johnny Cupcakes lecture at Syracuse, there is no space for fakes! Johnny went in for a while in the lecture about being ripped off and the legal battles and ended by bringing up that a certain sorority on our very own campus was guilty of ripping his design off this year. I see this tee shirt around campus all the time and even the font is ripped off to down to a tee.

Johnny assembled an angry mob of fans to march over to the violating sorority house and give en the business.
(Side contest, comment and guess if Meezy is a)singing b)burping c)yelling an ancient battle cry or d) yawning in the picture above. A chance to win exclusive breath enhancing prizes from SwaggerDap is at hand.)

After running over to the house, the girls wouldn't open up to an angry mob for some reason, but they were peeking through the windows to see what was going on.

Finally one of the girls who happened to be wearing the ripoff shirt showed her face, being welcomed to a bunch of "boo's" from the crowd. As you can see, Johnny was quietly making his point too.

The angry mob kinda turned into a laughing mob, but we still made our presence felt.

As a sort of a peace offering one of the girls gave him a shirt.

Everyone wanted him to light it on fire and cause a scene, but when one of your company credos is "Make cupcakes not war" it's probably a better PR move to be the bigger person here. He did make them agree to only wear the shirts as pajamas though so that they are never to be seen in public again. And since he has a whole new fan base in Syracuse now I'm pretty sure he will find out if they do. I know I'll twitpic it to him.

Thanks once again to Johnny Cupcakes for giving us a great and eventful evening at Syracuse. Hope you come back!



  1. that is epic. and as for the guess, im gonna go with yawning. meezy doesnt sing and his burps arent that dramatic. i would have said war cry but it didnt seem like anyone else was yelling anything.

  2. Hmmm. I actually don't remember and havent asked him yet to keep my answer fair game
    so ima say c) ancient battle cry

  3. ITS A FUCKING SORORITY T-SHIRT!!! You see this is why schools don't invite DIRTYJAX to come give lectures. Instead of scolding the bitchiz, I'm buying them liquor and introducing them to narcotics. www.karmaloop.com/dirtyjax act like you know fuckers.

  4. 1. Dirty Jax, lmao ... i think thats all the more reason that you should give lectures then

    2. upon further review Meezy can't recall what was happening but he claims it was most likely an ancient war cry. Therefore this contest looks shady and I win. *pats back*

  5. yoo my friend is in DG, and I guess he chilled in the house for a while afterwards. Seems as though they've made peace.



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