Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pic of the Day - Happy xx Halloween


BBC x Blueprint 3 Tee (Black Version)

While there were 3 different white versions, there will only be "So Ambitious" in the black colorway, which releases TODAY at the BBC/ Ice Cream store in NYC.

Definitely the only one out the bunch that I would cop, so happy it came in black too.

There will also be a SUPER limited amount of these on the online store at NOON! So be punctual!


PIc of the Day - Bugged


Friday, October 30, 2009

5th Column - 5-Panel Hat

Ready to start a revolution, 5th Column has some preview images of their new People's Republic 5- Panel caps...

Straight up communist red, with the flea logo donning the middle, this hat actually looks great. No release info yet but stay tuned and look out for 5th Column.


via Anwar

Pic of the Day - Forgotten Spring


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bape a/w 2009 Thermal Collection

Well I'm not sure if you'd exactly classify it as a collection, but Bape is rolling out with a whole bunch of nice thermal pieces for the Winter...

Hoody, crew neck, and two styles of the staple long sleeve thermal which come in navy, black, grey, ivory, brown, olive.

They are set to drop in NY and LA tomorrow, and are already online.


Pic of the Day - Watching


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes Lecture Series Video

Over the past few years Johnny Cupcakes has been on tour doing an international lecture series. We we're lucky enough to watch him at Syracuse University and then go on a wild rumpus against fakes. Check out the video below that highlights the series.

Words from the man:

To be honest, when I was first asked to lecture- I was kind of nervous. I even brought some extra deodorant with me for extra precaution. When I returned home from my lecture, I was sort of weary about doing another one. Grabbing some Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies out of my freezer, I sat down to check my email. To my surprise-- I found hundreds of e-mails in my inbox, from now inspired, motivated, excited students. After that-- I had a whole new positive outlook on lecturing.. and I don't even need extra deodorant! It makes me feel like I'm doing more than just making t-shirts. Even if my story + words of wisdom only inspires and motivates just one person, I feel I can die a happy guy.

Follow Johnny on twitter and become a fan on facebook.


Reebok - Pump20.com and More 20th Anniversary Celebration

Earlier this month we introduced the Colette x Reebok Pump being released as part of the Pump's 20th Anniversary celebration. Well today, Reebok launched www.Pump20.com, an on-line home to all-things PUMP.

Twenty years after the first pair was launched, Reebok is collaborating with 20 of the world’s most iconic sneaker stores to create 20 limited edition versions of The Pump. Featuring retailers from across Europe, Asia, the US and Australia these collaborations celebrate the iconic nature of The PUMP while giving each retailer their chance to customize the design classic in a fresh and exciting way. The shoes will be available on November 20th. Alongside their limited-edition Pump designs, each retail partner will also offer bring backs of two of the original Pump colorways.

Reebok also launched an @Reebok account on twitter where readers can keep up to date with all things PUMP and have a chance to WIN a pair of the VERY limited edition bring backs of the original PUMP shoes. There are less than 700 of these shoes being produced! But they'll be giving away 20 pairs. One pair each day beginning November 1st.

Shiiiit, I'm finna follow right now.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pic of the Day - Antique


Stussy x Hello Kitty Collection

Stussy and Hello Kitty has made its way to a perfect collaboration! In this collection, the Sanrio Hello Kitty came together with Stussy bringing you a series of t-shirts and accessories, including keychains and much more. This collection will drop on November 7th, but unfortunately, it'll only be released in Japan.

I absolutely think this is a perfect duo. I'm lovin' the black hoodie with the Hello Kitty graphic on the hood. The "Skate Tough You Little Boys" Tee is dope. I want to cop myself one, but they're only releasing out in Japan. Who's going to cop?! =)

via HighSnobiety


Battle of the "Gucci" Dunks - RESN? East?... Confused?

I'll never understand why Nike makes moves like this but they are once again releasing two very sought after sneakers at the same time, that basically look.... well.... the same...

1st, here's a look at the 2:

History: The original Gucci colorway was designed back in 2005 when Girl created the Nike SB Dunk Hi that you see above (the only difference is that the edges of the denim were tattered so threads were hanging, like ripped denim). It was supposed to drop with the Tiffany dunk from Diamond, but since Girl also holds footwear company Lakai, they never got clearance for the shoe, hence the non release. Over the past 4-5 years that sample Gucci dunk is one of the most sought after sneakers, period, with only a rumored amount in existence (I've heard between 2 and 25 pairs).

Fast forward to 2009 and the powers that be are finally letting this sneaker see the light of day! SB heads rejoice! ... But Wait... what's this East Dunk that DJ Clark Kent is coming out with!?

East vs West is this faux competition that Nike has set up to get people from both coast to design and "compete" with sneaker designs. This round is DJ Clark Kent on the East and Eddie Cruz (UNDFTD) from the West. (Check out Eddie's, umm... interesting AF1s).

As you can see and read in the pic above there ARE differences, but the person walking by probably won't pick up on them. One that you can't in the 1st pic is the tongue colors and tag, which reads RESN on the SB and Nike East on the regular Dunk. RESN was Girl designer Sam Smyth's graffiti tag back in the day and was the inspiration for the colorway. That's right, apparently Gucci wasn't the inspiration at all, it is those colors for weed (green), fire (red), and resin (black). Interesting eh?

Here is also a close up on the materials and outsole. The one thing that people DO like more about the Clark Kent pair seems to be that gum sole. You can also see the ostrich black and croc red leathers.

As a shoe, I have to say that I do prefer the SB way more simply because of the denim. It adds so much character to the sneaker. On top of that I support that this was the original design for the shoe, even though I was more a fan of this shoe being completely illusive rather than being released.

My one huge gripe though is that the Clark Kent was released, not only at the same time but at all! Part of me is aggravated that he would design such an identical shoe (and he is the biggest sneaker head out, so I'm sure he knows about the origins of the design) and just as much of me is aggravated that Nike not only gave clearence on the shoe but gave to OK to release it basically at the same exact time as the SB! Just don't see the logic there except for making a few extra bucks. (This is kinda how I felt when the Marshal Amps dropped right after the DOOMs even though they arent nearly as close in design)

I know that was a lot to read, but I also know that a ton of people are confused; I see it with both employees and customers at NikeTown since the Clark Kents have released. So I thought it would be good to clear the air and also get the history out since it is quite an interesting one.

I also wanted to know what YOU think about all of this? Which do you think are nicer? Should both be dropping? Did you even make it this far in the post?

The Clark Kent East Dunks are out now at NSW and Niketown on our NSW floor in really limited quantity, while the RESN SB Dunk is set to release in November and will be more limited, hyped, and resold.


NSW iD Studio Tokyo Closed

Yesterday was the last day that the Tokyo NSW iD Studio opened.

All appointments were honoured before closing.

No word yet as to what will be replacing the space taken up by the studio, currently downstairs in the NSW store in Harajuku.



Supreme Magazine A/W 2009

Supreme returns with their (annual?) magazine for the Fall/ Winter '09 with RZA as the cover man and Rosa Acosta as the basically naked model "wearing" Supreme...

Also features stories with The RZA, Puffy (I'm so happy that they called him that), Eric Koston, John Lurie, JA, Damien Hirst & Nate Lowman. Special model shoot with Rosa Acosta was shot by Terry Richardson.

The RZA is one of my favorite people ever PLUS I'm interested to see the direction that the interview with Puff goes since he's been seen wearing Supreme lately.

Available in-store and online on October 29th. Available in Japan on October 26th.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pic of the Day - This Charming Pic


Gucci x Mark Ronson Icon-Temporary Update

The Gucci x Mark Ronson Icon-Temporary shop was supposed to make its debut this weekend on Crosby St. in SoHo. Well there seems to be a slight delay in that debut but over the past days and weeks we've seems better images of the sneaker collection (especially the Ronson designed boat shoe), an iPhone app, as well as a sneak peek into the shop and a few shots on Ronson chilling outside. All signs point to an opening very soon, but for now we will have to be held over with visuals...

WWD's single sneak peek into the shop.

The Ronson designed boat shoes in all of their splendor...

I couldn't see this being held off any further than this week so keep your ears open. There is a small collection of sneaker/ shoes that will be limited to the Icon-Temporary store, and retail at $500+ a pair.

via WWD, Freshness, HS

Pic of the Day - Frolic


Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Flagship Uniqlo store opens in Nagoya

One thing Nagoya has been missing is a flagship Uniqlo store.

That changed Friday as the most successful retail company in Japan at the moment opened a new store in the Sakae area.

Comprising of 5 floors, the store stocks all items available from Uniqlo, including the latest +J collection, their collaboration with Jill Sander.

Friday saw a 2 hour long queue of customers hoping to take advantage of the opening weekend sale.

I went in on Saturday and it was still packed with people, but I managed to grab a few bargains.


New Releases from Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated is back with new shirt and a new colorway of a classic to hold us over until the next season of things...

See No Evil

Iconic Logo Tee

The See No Evil is actually a graphic that will be used for their next season but they launched this one colorway of it early as a collab with Trade Voorhees, and you will be getting his CD with your tee. The Iconic logo tee is back, and this time in a nice turquoise blue.

Grab em now through their online shop.


Pic of the Day - One Cold Foot


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pic of the Day - Between the Fences


Jun Takahashi Interview (Undercover s/s 2010 show)

To present his Spring/ Summer 2010 menswear collection, Jun Takahashiput on an amazing show in Florence garden just a few months ago. The Corner caught up to him for a nice interview about his show, views on the internet, technology the future, materials, and more. He is amazing, and this is a good watch...

Ever since being in Hong Kong and falling in love with the Undercover store, I've been a huge fan of Jun and the line. He is a true fashion designer who uses all sorts of inspiration for new materials, themes and looks. Undercover along with Visvim are 2 of the best doing right now. Period.

And I really want one of those awkward and borderline creepy animal/ dolls that he makes.


via yoox

Crooks & Castles - Holiday '09 (Drop 1)

The Holiday 2009 collection from Crooks & Castles has started to drop with a few nice outerwear pieces, beanies, and bags...

Demons Stadium Jacket (fleece, in heather grey and in black)

Plaid Woodsman Jacket (wool/poly blend, in crimson and in black)

Old C Letterman Jacket (wool and leather, in grey/red)

Alliance Knit Beanie (acrylic, in black)

Large Duffel Bag (vinyl, in red and in black)

Black. Red. Grey. Easy colors to work with and clearly the go to for Crooks. Everything looks pretty good, and for the price (idk how crooks cut & sew quality is like) they are really good pieces. Those Demons Stadium Jackets definitely catch my eye the most since it's fleece, easy to wear, and under $100.

You can grab these and more right now at eastwestworldwide.com.
(remember, 20% with code: "SwaggerDap")



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