Friday, October 02, 2009

The Luxlei and Louboutin Tee by Hellz Bellz

The "Luxlei" tee by Hellz Bellz was inspired by the high-end brand Louis Vuitton, specifically inspired by the Louis Vuitton Globe Shopper tote. This tee is also made for men and is available in black in white. This design, just like the inspiration, consists of all the cities and countries Hellz Bellz has conquered. Aside from their amazing cut and sew pieces, I found this neck crew tee quite intriguing.

Another tee I found intriguing is the “Louboutin” tee, which is also available in white and gray. For all you Christain Louboutin shoe lovers, this is made just for you! This shirt displays Christian Louboutin’s infamous spiked platforms that made headlines on the fashion runway. This is a shirt that I would definitely not sleep on. How could you not enjoy wearing this shirt? Especially if it reads, “Nothing comes between me and my Louboutin’s”.

It gets even more exciting! HB has also made tees for the men this season! Keep it comin' Lanie (creator of HB)!

These shirts are available at www.5andadime.com and at www.karmaloop.com



  1. HA HA what an amazing shirts, my grandpa likes to wear shirts with Viagra Sales logo.



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