Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shawnimals - Moustachio Blind Bag Series 1

Whether it's through a Sack 'O Lumps or a tree hugging Ninja, Shawnimals creations always make me smile. And this new set of blind assorted Mustaches is no different.

Enter Moustachio Series 1...

I MUST meet the person who writes the descriptions for Shawnimals...
"The frigid air blowing in from the Great North fiercely shivers our upper lips, reminding us ’tis time to add a bit of extra protection there. But what to do, sir? A moustache, mayhap? The gentlemanly yet macho Moustachios happily oblige, not only shielding your sensitive jowl but also providing companionship. Grand!"

Each blind package contains: 1 randomly-packed pocket-sized plush Moustachio, 1 ultra-fancy mini-comb, and 1 hearty Moustachio button. Here is the rarity breakdown:

Chubby Stache – 1/4
Happy Stache – 1/4
Arrstachio – 1/8
Shaggy Stache – 1/10
Nubby Stache – 1/20
Lil’ Patchio – 1/50
Monstachio – 1/50
??? – 1/100
Lady Stache – ?/?
Goldstachio – ?/?

You can see posters for all of the Moustachios right here, and shop through their online store.

But they go on sale today and there are only a couple hundred in existance so hurry up and get your 'stache!


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