Thursday, October 01, 2009

ACRONYM - GT-J14 Technical Jacket

ACRONYM, out of Berlin, has just released what I would like to call the new age technical jacket, in their GT-J14 model. This thing is loaded with amazing features so let me give you the rundown...

To start off the jacket is fully hard core Goretex waterproof, weatherproof, and basically everythingproof. The jacket is complete with a removable storm hood, 9 total pockets (1 being inside), an escape zip sub-system for high-speed jacket removal, and more...

On the collar there is a removable Sound Forcelock, which is essentially a magnet system for holding your headphones when not in use. Simple, yet amazing, yes.

A look at some of the many pockets, shoulder, chest, and inside the zipper.

Then finally we have what I think to be by far the most impressive part of the jacket, the Gravity Pocket. Located on the inside of the forearm, you put things INTO the gravity pocket through this zipped entry. However for quick access to get the item OUT of that pocket there is a pull tab on the inside that will drop it right into your hand.
An absolutely amazing feature but you really have to see it in action to understand it, so go to the 2:25 mark of this video to see a demonstration.

I'm in love with this jacket and all of the awesome features that it possesses. Innovation makes me very happy and it always is more impressive when the innovation is functional as well as in good form. I think the dudes at ACRONYM basically took a bunch of inconveniences that come along with jackets and just said "Um, lets just fix them? OK".
My only concern might be with the fit though. It's modeled in a medium here and looks a little baggy, but then again with layers it might be just right. I need to try this on to find out though.

More specs and details here.


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