Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We're Still On The Hunt For Web Designers and Developers!

...And we need you to help get the word out! Apply right chea or holla at us, if you or anyone you know might be interested.

But wait, we are not interested in any companies or freelancers looking for a paying client! It's not that we're too cheap to pay for web design and development services and trying to hire slaves unpaid interns or something . It's that we're not funded yet, we don't have much more than a few hundred bucks in our personal or business accounts, and these days investors aren't putting money into an idea that's not already in action. So please don't apply if money is an immediate issue for you right now.

We're negotiating our blood, sweat, tears, EQUITY, and the occasional free clothes that we get, for 20-24 hours of dedication a week from people who want to partner with a young start-up.

We are looking for 3 to 5 people who know that they are the shit at what they do, have some free time and are already making enough money to get by for the next few months:

A user interface/interaction designing code monkey;

A social application developing ninja;

A e-commerce developing architect, and

A database developing/administrating wizard.

If yeen know by now, SwaggerDap is on a mission to launch an innovative social networking and e-commerce website for streetwear brands and consumers. We've been putting a lot of work into this; and about a month ago, we started an official campaign to put together a team of web designers and developers to help us bring this unique vision to life. But unfortunately, so far, our efforts are falling short. While we did get a decent number of responses, some people were either not exactly what we were looking for, or let's just say a little too stingy to grind with us on project that ain't making enough money for them yet.

So fill out this little online application if you're down for the cause and think you have the right skills. Be sure to include your portfolio and resume; and feel free to email jeffb@swaggerdap.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Please avoid applying if crocs or ed hardy is one of your favorite brands.
Must be willing to telecommute.
Loving Pokemon is not required but is a plus




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  2. You don't need 3-5, you don't even have enough to give for 1 person. Let's be honest. 100 % equity of ZERO is still zero.

    Web design and development is a profession. You want to start up something worth while, you're gonna need good designers and developers. Find one person that can do it all so that you can keep the cost down. Every business and start ups will need one to get going. If it's start bad, it will only make your BRAND look bad. TRUST.

    From a base estimation, you're asking for over 10k to complete. And that's a cheap estimation. I hope you look into freelancers to help get the cost to about 2k. Or you will have to take away unneeded stuff.

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