Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gold Coin - Sick Up! Toy

Gold Coin will soon be rolling out with a really nice resin toy of their Stick Up! character...

"Gold Coin and Argonaut Resin are proud to show you this sneak peak of their new project. The figure is called Stick Up!. It stands 8" tall and has fully poseable limbs. It also comes with a money sack accessory. Stick Up! will be released within the next few months with a limited edition count of only 30 pieces being made. Multiple colorways will be offered as well making the batch even more scarce. Expect full color proto shots very soon."



  1. I've always wondered how these things sell. I'm sure Kid Robot things sell through the roof, but for smaller brands I'm not so sure. I know at my job we've been holding onto tons of Murko toys for years now. Nevertheless I like some of the stuff Gold Coin is doing, being the Nintendo Superfan I am, I had to pick up their duck hunt fitted a few seasons ago (HELL YEAH!)

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