Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Domo x 7/11

Domo is just one of the many Japanese animations that I'm obsessed with, and the crazy character is now taking over 7/11 for a new cross promotion...

So there will be coffee cups, slurpee cups, straw accessories, hot dog holders, a special new Fuji Apple slurpee flavor, and more! There is also a section of Domo products for sale also, yea It's a total takeover. There's even a special mini site at Slupree.com where there will be interactive stuff and more webisodes like the one above.

7/11 has to be awesome when their Slurpee Marketing Manager (yes that is an amazing job title) explains the collaboration like this: “Domo lends itself well to the store and our proprietary products and our consumers who... love crazy Japanese shit.”


via eat me


  1. I love domo too! she is too expensive though :(

  2. I had a hot dog like that today!

  3. I LOOOOVE domo! My hubby got me a pink one for V-day. LOVE IT!!!

  4. It is a cool and funny stuff, I love those little guys.



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