Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jun Takahashi Interview (Undercover s/s 2010 show)

To present his Spring/ Summer 2010 menswear collection, Jun Takahashiput on an amazing show in Florence garden just a few months ago. The Corner caught up to him for a nice interview about his show, views on the internet, technology the future, materials, and more. He is amazing, and this is a good watch...

Ever since being in Hong Kong and falling in love with the Undercover store, I've been a huge fan of Jun and the line. He is a true fashion designer who uses all sorts of inspiration for new materials, themes and looks. Undercover along with Visvim are 2 of the best doing right now. Period.

And I really want one of those awkward and borderline creepy animal/ dolls that he makes.


via yoox

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