Sunday, December 07, 2008

An 808’s & Heartbreak Opinion

So my boy Drew hit me up and asked for my opinion on ‘Ye’s latest Musical Piece. I Swaggersplashingly quote “Cuz ur the only [friend] I can go to on album ratings, ur not biased. Lol. holla front.”


Well, to keep it simple...I fucksz with it - I think it’s a really good album.

Now...usually people don’t like it for 2 reasons.

1) The Autotune.
2) It's not a traditional Kanye album i.e. the beats and he mostly sings.

If those are the persons 2 reasons...most likely I won’t continue the discussion with them.

However, my rebuttals would be:
For what the album is, an emo Kanye record, the beats and the autotune fit perfectly. 808s and the autotune illustrate emotion very well and I think Kanye did qood job with them. Songs like “Say You Will” were meant to be serious and he used it seriously. Songs like Robocop were meant to be funny, and well…it’s hilarious. And you just can’t stop it now.

Now, I also pretty much enjoy all the songs on the album. However, the only songs I will defend to the grave as great songs are "Say You Will", "Bad News", "Coldest Winter", "Street Lights" and "Pinnochio Story". I LOVE "Paranoid", "Amazing", and "See You in My Nightmares" - But I understand why others don't (Why so serious??) and I accept that. Robocop is funny as hell.

'Nuff Said.

I’ll be glad to give my honest opinion on any other albums if you ask nicely.


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  1. I fucks with this album son, but my only problem is the beat for Heartless is so irritating, like there was potential for that to be a great track, but that beat that drops when he starts singing is just really annoying.

  2. Ello Autobots,
    I definitely dont like this album, and I have no prob with the space- ageness of the concept. It was hot garbage besides the beats, or music whether(because it is definitely not hip hop). It would have been nice for Kanye to enter into the Cosmos if the album was actually good. Afrofuturism is what I do and this album wasnt it and it was not hip hop, and it wasnt alternative; it just wasnt. I am just going to fall back on this one, and wait for more Santogold, Janelle Monae, Bloc Party, Kenna, and NERD while I change my nail color from chrome to copper.

    Nation of Koko



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