Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shiny Metallic Supras (Suprano & TK)

While Supra has been and continues to come with strong releases, in doing that there are always some misses. So while this may be one of my many unpopular opinions here are some shiny metallic Supras that just aren't doing it for me.

1st up: The rose gold TK model.
These are samples as of now but knowing TK (and Supras metallic love) they very well might be released.

Next: Jim Greco's new model from Supra, the Suprano in metallic purple.

To me these aren't nearly as bad as the rose golds, but I can only imagine how bad these might turn out when creased or even worse skated in.

The Supranos will be available at select Supra accounts in January, while the highly anticipated TK's are still slated for a Spring release. (unless you can find a sample pair like these on ebay)


via ctothejl

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