Monday, December 29, 2008

The Conference Board: Footwear

Yessir! It’s been a while but we’re back with this jump off! We decided to call this little cop or notty segment “The Conference Board”. Why? Well, because we form little conferences and get to love, hatin and opinionating on the latest stuff on the interweb.* This time we round tabled a few upcoming artists - you might have heard of 'em. It’s supposed to go down every Sunday but uhm…some of us were a little late with our correspondences. But enuff…Peep down for the showdown.

Visvim Mowat Moc Veggies
More Info: HSB

Me: Hmm…I am tryna step my “shoe” game up and I wouldn’t mind Visvims being my first victim. I’m also down for hi-tops, but this isn’t the colorway for me yet. I’mma say nah.
John: Actually not sure how I feel about Hi/ mid looking boat shoes but I'd try 'em out for fun since they're so simple, plus I know they're damn comfortable.
Yom: Cop. I Love Visvim shoes and these are no exception. Really like the sole on these and the stitching on the back
FAME: Nah B. These look like wallabies but not really. I’m not feeling these, they look generic and I don’t like the sole. They need to be more profile for my taste.
Daytona: These shits look like Wallaby/Nike Boots...They look like somethin' an OG Jamaican would wear with a matching mesh tanktop.
Mickey Factz: not really feeling them, not my style... sorry

Nike Year Of The Ox Blazers

More Info: SwaggerDap

John: Simple colorway that goes with everything. SO CLEAN, I’m there all day.
Yom: Pass. Not feeling these. The Big ox stamped on the back really puts me off
Me: I love Blazers but don’t have a pair that I’m in love with. These won’t be it for me either. And yeah…Ox’s suck. How much longer until the year of the Rabbit?
Daytona: These joints are hard... I would cop them right there! I mess with them because you can rock them in many different ways. I do the hood preppy thing, ill fabrics with ties n ill jeans, sweaters softer than your next door neighbor!! These would definitely fit into my rotation!
Mickey Factz: These are cool... I can do them on a boring day... possibly
FAME: My favorite Nike shoe right now, next to Air Stabs of course. These are fresh I like the colorway and a splash of red is always welcome. The white sole is money and the comfort of the shoe already makes it one of my top pics.

Clot x Nike Air Force Ones

More Info: SwaggerDap

Yom: DEFINITELY!! These are fire, but are going to be impossible to get hold of. Love the color way and the way the surface will rip, leaving u with a unique pair of shoes. Awesome
John: SO ILL! When I 1st saw the pics I was iffy but after seeing that you can custom rip n destroy them, I want. Great concept
Me: Nah. I appreciate the customization concept and all that, but I’m still not sold on ‘um. You won’t see me camp’n out for these - unless it’s pure SwaggerDap promo of course.
Mickey Factz: eh... they aight, not my particular style
FAME: I like plain white on white air force ones. Once u get into patterns or canvas like these, I get a little weirded out. These aren’t my speed. They look a little canal street. I always say it....less is more.
Daytona: These are garbage... I hate tacky prints like this! Really nothing more to say than...... TACKY

Nike Air Jordan Force VI
More Info: HSB

Daytona: I’m really a fan of the collab between Jordans and AF 1's... It’s real creative and they do it in a stylish way. They take all the dope qualities of both sneaker and make 1 very dope shoe. Would definitely rock these!
FAME: These are dope...the colorway is fresh for the summer or spring...whenever that comes back. I like the style and build of the shoe. It’s athletic but fashionable. Fly sneaker right here.
Yom: Fusions are an abomination of a sneaker! All they do is ruin the memory of when Jordan used to be a brand that was respected; now it’s just a joke. Pass
Me: I meeeean. I’m not really a fan of fusions at all - Minus the six rings maybe. But these, I can definitely do. Especially this colorway, it’s so clean, humble, yet eye catching to me.
Mickey Factz: I feel like I'm in the heights with these... they dope tho... slightly
John: Ughhhh, another J x AF1 fusion mess. I'm sorry but get back to the basics MJ n stop putting out 15 new models a year, these are just as bad as the rest. On a side note - the hood will eat 'me up.

Ubiq x Jun Watanabe Fatimas
More Info: HSB

John: "My mind is telling me NO, but my booooddddy". Yea I know I shouldn't like these but for some reason the colors n silhouette are really appealing, I'll cop.
Me: I’m not gonna lie. I think I can easily do these – and not on my “I love obnoxious kicks” shit. Cuz honestly, I don’t think these are that obnoxious. I think they want to be tho.
Mickey Factz: Nah, I feel like I’m watching Beetle Juice when I look at these...Can't do it.
Yom: I love the gear Ubiq and Jun Watanabe put out but this collab really doesn’t do it for me, it’s just all over the place.
Daytona: A “get for free” Smash. These are dope but I wouldn't cop them... I would rock them once or twice! Lol, I like the basic design of the shoe but it’s the colors that throw me off. It doesn’t really give you many options of clothes to wear with these kicks... But they would work if you just wanted to try something ill for a day, not my style though.
FAME: Ahh the wildcards...these surprisingly look cool to me. Now u can get weirdo status with these by wearing some skinny jeans to show them off and throwing on some Technicolor shirt to coincide...keep it basic. Not sure about the yellow upper...but this could work.


Feel free to drop your own opinions in the comments and check out the previous Conference Board

The Board
Me? I’m SwaggerDap’s Obama and all around “now I’m blogging, now I’m not” guy. I also interned for a company called the Conference Board.*

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Mickey Factz says he’s the ruler of the galaxy and loves high top sneakers. The Achievement is dropping next year. Peep the MySpace.

FAME is a lyricist, beat jacker and graphic artist from New Jersey. Peep his Official MySpace or download his album Hardwork.

-Via Meez

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