Wednesday, December 03, 2008

SneakerPlay is “Shutting Down”

Damn - Sneakerplay, the online community for all you sneakerheads, is...dead? (I couldn't come up with something witty). The website - designed and developed from scratch by Robleh Jama, Mohamed Hashi and Rob Chia - launched June 2006 and has grown to a community of over 18,000 members. But in a blog post on the website, the founders admit that the passion isn’t really there for them anymore and they’re shooting for a sale to the likes of MTV or Complex.

That kinda sucks. I mean the site wasn’t THEE most good looking or exciting functionality wise. But it was always nice to sign on once in a while and see what kicks people were rocking. Hopefully, the guys get inspired to do something else exciting for the fashion world – as long as it doesn’t directly compete with us. Nah’mean?

Via: Techcrunch


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