Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi

Reebok is soon set to reintroduce one of their most popular work out sneakers from the 80's, the Ex-O-Fit.

With the silouette instantly drawing comparisons to the Air Yeezy and TK's signature shoe with Supra, the Ex-O-Fit very well may have paved the way for those designs. However, in my opinion the downside of Ex-O-Fit so far is the colorways. I reckon silver is the only one I'd think twice about. So hopefully more colorways soon (i mean at least black, or use some premium materials) so that they can compete with the likes of the TK and Air Yeezy.

January '09 with a msrp tag of $90, not too bad.


via HS


  1. im feeling the silver ones

    really nice price a well

    might need to find me a hook up!

  2. Yom, you know I got you for the reeboks..... cause i might be hitting you up for that Fragment iPhone case lol



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