Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visvim Fall/Winter 2008 "Special Project"

Visvim have released some "Special Project" items for their Fall/Winter collection

First up we have some 1) Virgil Boots Folk (Y59,850) and 2) FBT Lhamo Folks (Y42,000)

Next are the coats, 3) a Vis 101 cord jacket (Y42,000) and 4) a Gore Tex lined Lieutenant Coat 2L (Y123,900)

And Finally 5) a red/black Elk Flannel (Y21,000) and 6) a nice pair of Chino cords (Y33,600)

I especially like the FBTs and the flannel

All available from Visvim stockists now

Via Honeyee


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