Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sneaker Culture is Dead?

Hmm…I dunno about all of that. But following the alleged demise of Sneakerplay, Jason Wilk seems to think so.

He makes the following points…

• Sneaker culture is something that has been around for decades, but only in the last 5 years has it shot into the mainstream with shoe stores like UNDFTD and blogs like Hypebeast giving immediate press to new Nike product collaborations they did with local designers, shoes and people.

• The blogs surrounding the product releases have changed their theme and traffic has leveled off for the most if not all of them.

• I’m sure those of you have noticed, it is becoming less and less common running into guys wearing their custom Nike shoes around town, and the feeling in the community is we will start to see even less. Shoes releases have become less frequent and lines at them have become shorter than usual. What does this mean for Nike? Well, the culture behind them is what brought them up and is what will easily bring them down. This of course in addition to the struggling economy that is producing less shoe sales.

Yeaaaah…. I mean, I think the economic crisis might cause some sort of dent in overall sneaker and apparel sales. But let’s be honest - the people that line up for sneakers, waiting from sun down to sun up, are gonna keep buying because they’re addicted and love it. And as far as I’ve seen, blogs like theShoegame, Hypebeast, Ctothejl and *cough* yours truly are still blogging about the latest releases.

So I guess some people can keep arguing about whether Street Fashion and Sneaker culture is “dead” because they're now “Wack”; but it doesn’t mean the cultures aren't still thriving.

Ya dig?

What do you think tho?


1 comment:

  1. I dont doubt that sneakerheads have any less passion at this point. True fans always will be.
    Pop culture on the other hand is a fickle beast. It may have laced up and run along to the next fad at this point.




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